Spam 3

Hi. I normally just delete all my spam on Gmail, but then I saw that
some of them were funny, and decided to put up some of them. Most of the spam I
get on Gmail is about how to make your thing bigger. How do they know I’ve got a
thing in the first place? Do they steal information from my account? Or do they
send this same spam to everyone, including female users? Anyway, let’s not worry
about that now.

This first one:

This one will seriously hurt the sentiments of all self-respecting men, that the
secret behind their greatness is nothing but their ‘great’ secret. Also, let’s
see, if you could go back in time and tell Benjamin Franklin, for example, that
you know all about his greatness and explain it to him, I think he’ll be a
little hurt.

This is the next one:

Why I think
this is funnier is that Geraldine is supposed to be a female name.

Let’s not get
into the possibilities that opens up.

This next one
will be the last for today. And yes, I’ve saved the best for the last:


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