Little Dots of Light

Touch me
I’m losing my hold
I’m letting go
My last fingers just curled around the tether.
Behind me, little dots
Little dots of light
Stars of yore in the cold frightening firmament.

And I am losing hold.

It’s so dark outside of me
And not a friend in sight
I look inside
for a last vestige
And it’s darker than the night.

Hold me firm, now
Whisper a lullaby
Tell me lies and calm me down.
Assure me
that I won’t be made
such a fool again.

But hold me quick
before I drift
before I let me go
Touch me now
Save me from the stars of yore,
the little dots of light.


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Something So True

How could something so true
Become something so false?
It takes me by complete surprise every time.
This, my life,
It’s turning out like a dream.
Where everything rests firm
On an unfirm rest.
Where friend and lover are a flicker of transience
To float across the scene
and disappear as a twilight to remember
And be forgotten among the twilights everyday.
This, my life,
Here you must learn to uncare,
Here you must let it be.
Just let it be.

I know this all, I keep telling myself.
But this night is closing in now
All around me,
I fight to hold it off, and I am losing.
It happens every night, my love,
And I don’t know
I just don’t know
How to let it be.


Another Life

I could have looked up

at the mellow evening sun on your face

and wished for another life

to do just this.


I could have looked in your eyes

and seen my own

and been happy

in this carnival of desolation


I could have taken you

to see the streets and rains

which are now lost

to the wind that carries away unfinished lives.


I could have loved you, yes,

in my stupid way.

i could have hurt you, my love,

then healed you in my arms.


I could have lived that life.

But you wished for this one

and there is so much darkness, do you see

on the way back


I could have fought you

and bruised you; and you me,

and we could have crawled together

afterdark, and kissed away each other’s pains.


I could have looked back

at all our troubles

and wished for another life.



To do just this.