Dove is burning up Indonesia.

I learnt
a few weeks back from the Greenpeace
that Unilever, which manufactures Dove, uses palm oil in many of
its products. That’s not a problem. The problem is that they are acquiring this
palm oil from illegal suppliers in Indonesia, as a result of which the
Indonesian forests are under a huge, huge threat. Let me remind you, there
ain’t many rainforests left in the world. Indonesia is important. It
is home to orang-utans and many other species that are just dying out there as
the forests burn away to supply palm oil for your facial. As an educated
internet-user, I urge you to watch the video below which Greenpeace has
released. Please do this. We are the only species with the brains and the
resources to protect the wildlife of this planet. Let’s not have to stand
facing ourselves one day and realize that we have used all those smarts on how
to devastate our ancient forests and kill the animals in them. Please watch
this video. If it takes some time to load, please, please, be patient.
It’s not a long video, just about a minute, won’t take long to load.
Dove Onslaught(er) from Greenpeace on Vimeo.


If you
want to know more and about other issues or get involved, please visit the
Greenpeace website or any other organization that you may have heard of, like
     A recent development is that Unilever has responded to
the over 40,000 e-mails sent to them from around the world to protest against
this. It has promised to stop this and to aggressively lobby with other giant
manufacturers to stop this illegal supply. All of this has happened solely from
the protests that people like you and me have launched through a simple e-mail.
So you see, you can do it too if you wanted.


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Hang Art

You know, those times when the fact that you have an excruciatingly slow computer decides to establish itself once again on a day when you need to get a lot of things done, and you’ve just clicked on the icon of the third application when everything freezes, nothing is opening, and time is ticking by, and there’s a stupid red light on the CPU, and you’ve just about reached the end of your rope, and are dragging the Winamp window all over the desktop in frustration, if somehow you take just a second to isolate yourself from the moment, from your life, from the indifferent screen in front of you, calm yourself down for a single second with inner energy and click PrtScr,


you get this.

     I’ve christened it hang art. You can actually create many different sorts of patterns, provided your machine remains hanged for long enough. See, once you get into hang art, the phenomenon of hanging becomes a much anticipated one. A single idea that can chop off such a huge amount of frustration from your life.


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Me or You?

One of my close associates recently insisted, repeatedly, that I am a bit too concerned about myself, always tied up with sordid affairs inside my head, and that I don’t care a hang about others. 

I Googled within my blog for two terms: me, and you. 

The first gave 220 results. The second gave 250. 

So there. 

To know how those stats stand right now, you can click:

me · you

Edit: In June 2012 (4 years later) it’s 728 and 731 respectively. Still win!

Search One Life

To search for a term or phrase
within my blog using Google, go to
or the corresponding Google site for your country.

In the
search box, type
<search term>


·   There
should be no gap between the colon and my blog address.

·   No need
for http:// .

·   There
should be a space between that first part and your search term.

example, to search for the word story on
my blog, you need to type on the Google search box:

The search
results will be exclusively from my blog. All entries, from the beginning to
the most recent, all lists and all modules will be searched.

This nifty
tip on Google is courtesy of:


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Help Myanmar cyclone victims through Google

I just noticed this below the search textbox on Google:




appreciate that a lot. If you have the capacity to donate, please do. I’ve
heard that the military isn’t allowing the funds to come in. Lousy bastards.

I don’t
have no money of my own, so all I could do was post this entry on my blog.


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