<This category is dedicated exclusively for the one who made this blog.;-)>
Derailment n. [According to noted ‘meaning-morpher’ 1Life:] 1 an event out of place; unscheduled; unexpected; unprecedented and hence usually negative in outcome. 2 an event out of schedule; untimely; unexpected and hence similar in character to a quiet evening drizzle in winter. Refreshing, positive.
USAGE Restricted to 1Life’s vocabulary (For the same reason, no sentences or phrases have been included in the entry. The authorities are deeply apologetic for this inevitable occurence.)

     Firstly, I had a slight… er… well… ok, ok, alright, i give up — a really big bad patch with my best friend(ess). Derailment. Solved now. Precarious. Might strike again. I repeat, approach with extreme caution.

     Secondly, my MSN photo upload tool refused to work. Sorry, but your photos could not be uploaded to your blog space. Please try again after sometime. Well, finally it sorted out. Yin and Yang rest peacefully on my blog, reflecting ‘my decision’. It would be better if they could be positioned centrally, though. Suggestions from all visitors, including you, are not only welcome, but badly wanted. Please tell me how the others always get their pics bang in the middle of the page. There seem to be no alignment options in the tool.

     Thirdly, I made the mistake of adding a category called ‘Life’ which I later changed to ‘Me and My Life’ to be more precise. The problem is, when I add the category module, ‘Life’ shows up even though there are no entries under it. I really want to have a category module to help visitors sort out my life from my philosophy, but I can’t, as long as a vacuous third category keeps popping up. Help me!

     Fourthly, two of my most important mails to two of the most important persons in my life came back. Delivery Failure. The following messsage could not be delivered to all recipients. Derailment. I thought at first it was only Microsoft. Sorry, but sending mails is locked in the free accounts. To unlock this feature, please subscribe to the paid version and enjoy the freedom of having a mail account and being able to send mails from it, too! Well, that’s sorted out now, I hope. At the end of the day, the free stuff that Microsoft gave me, including this space, leaves me glad they exist. Thanks a lot, Mr Gates.

     Hmmm… now I need to compress a song with Winzip. I found out it’s a poor ratio. 6 MB comes down to 5.8 MB or so. It’s for that best friend(ess). She won’t go broadband, and my CD-writer does not work. So I need to squeeze it like teeny weeny and cross my fingers while she downloads it from her inbox. Tech-God bless India this year.

     The good parts…

     I had a three-hour long philosophical talk with a person and that neutralized a lot of the panic that had set inside me. [vide What You Reap is What You Sow]. Unexpected. Hell positive.

     I found a person with SOME depth. Monalisa Das. (One of those two important persons involved with the mail crisis.) Very miraculous meeting. Two persons from the same school and same age group at the same time in an international chat site. What’s the probability in that? Einsteins, sit down and do some homework and tell me exactly how precious was this meeting.

(Thanks a lot to At least I mentioned the site. That’s some repayment.)

Have a nice day. Thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget Yin and Yang, and the Life category thingy. Drop in any suggestions or comments you feel this space deserves.


2 thoughts on “Derailments…

  1. monalisa

    Recheck my myspace blog titled "My new friend!" for details!…of what I think of you!btw I didnt write " courtesey VTM" …oops!What an ungreatful bitch I am!Seriously!


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