I hate the word ‘Genius’

Just dug up an old favourite quote:

I don’t like this word ‘genius’, especially when they call me that. There are two reasons for that. The first is the burden of expectation. Geniuses are supposed to perform no matter what. They are not common men like us weighed down by chance, by fault, by stupidity or lack of intelligence or skill. They perform magically, they astound, they deliver. Now I know I can’t do those. Not consistently. Not despite the odds, my limited intelligence and skill. Especially when everybody is breathing down my neck with those expectations, like watching a show. And I don’t want no label for which I’d have to run that race. I can’t trust myself to live up to people’s expectations. In fact, I don’t want them to have any from me.

Whatever little I do have, it’s not a gift. I’m not endowed or special. I started from the same line as everyone. I had to work; I had to make an effort. I had to be passionate and stick with things. I had to push myself beyond my own lines, and I got what I feel happy with today. I had to work exactly as much as you would have had to, only that I did. So I don’t want no god-given power to come and claim that away from me. Yeah, that’s the second reason.

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