Clause 10

I was
having some problems recently with my Nokia headset, so I went to their service
shop to deposit it for fixing. They handed me a job sheet, on which particulars
of my repair were printed. On the reverse of this was a long list of Terms and
Conditions. I was reading them lying on the sofa under the fan, cooling off
after returning home. It was a string of the usual unfriendly, intimidating
talk you usually find on any Terms and Conditions, but when I came to clause
10, I stopped for a while. This is what was written:

10. RT (Ramdev Telecom, the service shop) is not liable for any
delays, non-performance, failure or non delivery of the products due to
contingencies arising from any force majeure such as acts of God, storm,
earthquake, accident, strikes, lockout, industrial dispute, labour trouble,
transportation embargo, imminence or the existence of any state emergency, war,
civil-commotion, riot, in ability to obtain any material refusal of license,
approval imposition of sanctions or any measure taken by government which
renders it impossible or impractical for RT to perform, supply service or
deliver the product to the customer.


What act of God, I ask, might be directly inflicted to hinder the
repair of my Nokia headset? What the fuck are they talking about? And then I try
to imagine the storm and earthquake bit, and the war,…


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