I am here.

The spirit of the universe was nowhere to be found
and we had charted light years of starways
through quiet dust-strewn blankets of forever dark
to find ourselves run out of road,
staring but into ancient void

There is nothing, we relayed
as we made to pull the plug
for there was nothing to stay on for

When the stardust-clad darkness gazed into us
as does a cliff into the mountaineer
breathed into our forgotten souls
and said,
I am here.

And we stood and watched,
explorers floating in deep space calm,
until I can remember no more.



Are you there yet?

Have you reached the stratosphere?

Look out, look out of your porthole

Tell me what you see


Is your space capsule given up

to the beautiful rolling blanket of stars

Is there peace

Or just handfuls of cold emptiness

To betray our quiet dreams of growing up


Is there peace, explorer

Can you bring back a sample

They put us on the blue one, we made it to the grey

Stop and watch the blue one now

gets redder every day


Do I care any more what sense I make to them

Just my footsteps echo in the landing crater

And a universe of hope

Looking up at the rise

Of our great majestic blue

Against a starfield of aeons


Just this one time, explorer

Turn off your cabin lights and listen to my voice

Interrupt your sequence and look out the porthole


Is there a different beauty there, a different truth

Or are you going away through hallways of starlight


Explorer, do you copy?


photo c/o Jeremy Geddes