Are you there yet?

Have you reached the stratosphere?

Look out, look out of your porthole

Tell me what you see


Is your space capsule given up

to the beautiful rolling blanket of stars

Is there peace

Or just handfuls of cold emptiness

To betray our quiet dreams of growing up


Is there peace, explorer

Can you bring back a sample

They put us on the blue one, we made it to the grey

Stop and watch the blue one now

gets redder every day


Do I care any more what sense I make to them

Just my footsteps echo in the landing crater

And a universe of hope

Looking up at the rise

Of our great majestic blue

Against a starfield of aeons


Just this one time, explorer

Turn off your cabin lights and listen to my voice

Interrupt your sequence and look out the porthole


Is there a different beauty there, a different truth

Or are you going away through hallways of starlight


Explorer, do you copy?


photo c/o Jeremy Geddes


all these lonely thoughts of mine

like quite friendless clouds

shall float over your cities

and bring dark rain to dreamy foothills

long after i’m gone.

The Relic I Will Be

At the
heart of everything is that

I don’t
know exactly what, or why I bother to speak

And I
feel no urge to change the topic now

You will
never know who I was, nor do I want that fact to spread

When you
lift this out of the dark mouth of this dreamy abyss,

loose the dirt of centuries over the plaque

And hold
it to the amazing sunlight I have already forgotten

I shall
not rise again through my writing

For I
wish not to be disturbed

But a
veritable treasure this will be, I am sure,

A relic,
of historic value, but the personal little strains that

I write
this for, now,

Will be
suppressed and forgotten

That is
how you are

A myopic
generation, refusing to see what’s right in front of you

because it’s
right in front of you

And no
one ever taught you how to see such things.

Fine, I
shall remain a relic, and though I quiver at the thought of being hung for the
public display,

I shall
be long gone by then, that is my only consolation.

find me out, after a thousand years, pull me out of this cave

And do
with me whatever you wish to,

I don’t
care, for this will not be me any more when you pluck it

I am
taking the train tonight.


Singularity Finale

At this moment you see, hear, feel

For there are light, sound and emotion.

A cosmic endless list of Everything.

You nestle deep in the assuring warmth of this complexity;

And need to gaze at an unpolluted night sky for long

To remember you are on a planet.


The Future is a delayed, yet inevitable Present

A curse of the unwanted blessing of equality

It will be raining galaxies on your tiny spherical home

The starry night sky will drop in to visit,

And vision swallowed amid gaping voids

Will carry the only sound of a story finished.

End, will begin.


Blazing cosmic torches will light the darkening sky

As all things seek their way back Home.

Streams will return to oceans that bore them in their womb;

And all roads ever built will turn to Rome

Unbearable warmth will squeeze the soul free to follow the same path,

And storms engage in their last war dance.

Here, there, now, then, will cross over distinguishing lines

And all thoughts merge into one existence.


It comes, of that I’m sure.

A plethora of small lives, pains and colours

Laughter and sunsets, sad songs on the radio, summer night stars,

And the rain

All reduced to thermodynamic equilibrium.


But today you see, hear, know

For there are light, sound, and a finite being.

Counting the days till the inexorable dark end

Sweeps the meaning of Meaning away

To a single burning eye on infinite black vacuum

To look for the last time, then close to all of existence, lost forever

In Singularity.