Default fonts in Chrome appear in Italics

Most of my pages in Google chrome on Ubuntu 10.10 were showing text in bold and italics. I tried changing the default font settings of the browser, but those were okay. Then I tried to change the chrome theme, but that didn’t work either. Then I found a couple of threads that addressed the issue, but they were all directed towards Windows platforms. The essence of the idea, though, worked even in Ubuntu, when implemented a bit differently.

In Windows, I guess you have to open the Arial font from your Windows/Fonts folder. That should do the trick, according to the online forums. If not, try reinstalling it.

In Ubuntu, I instead installed all the Microsoft fonts. This you do by typing in the terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts

Wait for all the fonts to download and install. Then restart the browser. It worked for me.

Hope Google gets rid of this in future versions.

Me or You?

One of my close associates recently insisted, repeatedly, that I am a bit too concerned about myself, always tied up with sordid affairs inside my head, and that I don’t care a hang about others. 

I Googled within my blog for two terms: me, and you. 

The first gave 220 results. The second gave 250. 

So there. 

To know how those stats stand right now, you can click:

me · you

Edit: In June 2012 (4 years later) it’s 728 and 731 respectively. Still win!