Suddenly I remember you, alive. You were right with me, in that dark, hazy garage. We were about to go out and you said you’d take me on your bike. I thought it would be silly, so I remember making an excuse. I said we’d walk. I think you saw through it then.

The traffic that night was crazy. Your city was a madness of speeding cars through strings of golden light. I was scared. But years of nothingness melted away as you held my hand and we crossed the streets. How wonderfully simple that was, I thought. I think you thought it too. There was something, there was something between us. Something that made the night so easy.

And suddenly, this night, this night that you couldn’t see, I remember you, I remember you alive.

And now the only way out is to heap ashes on your smoldering memories, fingers crossed that they never spark again.