OCD Street Tiles

Not many people know that I have a certain degree of OCD. So I was interested to see this metapicture photo shared on facebook, titled ‘Worst thing that can happen to OCD people’:


The sense of utter discomfort I felt was surprisingly sharp and immediate. I was itching to go pull up the tile and put it back the right way. I wondered what abominable people could have left it like this.

Then I read the comments below and the most liked comment was:

‘What bothers me is that even if this was lined up “correctly” it still wouldn’t fit.’

I glanced at the photo, did a mental realignment, and it did fit, so I wrote that as a reply to the comment.

Partly to satisfy myself, and mostly to soothe my sudden spike of OCD, I decided I needed to do something. So I actually reoriented it in Photoshop:


There’s  a problem there with the corners because of the white bar at the bottom in the original photo. I left that unedited.

But it fits. So there.

Wait, the grey squares on the tile don’t line up with the ones on the pavement though. Maybe that’s what the commenter meant.


7 thoughts on “OCD Street Tiles

  1. I’m that commenter. Okay so the red bricks line up but why are they vertical? That also doesn’t make sense to me! I was onlyt thinking of the red bricks when I commented and while it appears that they do line up, why would you lay some vertical when the rest are horizontal? The grey squares do like up with the border around the square though. This entire situation is just fucked!


    1. Hehe no problem. Yeah, I was worried only about the red/grey edge lining up properly. Anything else can go to hell. Somehow my OCD wasn’t worrying me about all that last night 🙂


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