What is this writing?

Something funny happened today. Two of my college friends and I were lounging around in one of the classrooms of the college after hours. Because it has this sexy AC. There was this big clean inviting blackboard in front, and I just went ahead and scribbled some stuff on it in a way I had taught myself when I was in school:


Here it is from up close:


We were taking these photos and transferring them on a laptop and doing related useless stuff when suddenly one of my junior students, A, entered the room, followed by Professor P, Head of Department of Physics and another professor, probably, who I don’t know. And I thought, shit.

They ambled into the room. Their gaze fell upon the board. Now that looks like some serious Arabic or Klingon or aboriginal script, so they kept staring at it. And I thought again, shit.

Professor P asked, ‘what is written here?’ My heart accelerated mildly. I thought at the back of my head that it’s going to take some time for them to figure this out. This can be salvaged comfortably.

A explained immediately how it was written. Shit came to my mind. He had seen me do this before some time.

Okay, we don’t know what it means, or who wrote it. We were just in the room, I thought.

P asked, ‘who wrote this?’ A pointed to me and said it was me; it couldn’t have been anyone else.

You know what came to my mind? Right.

I had to intervene before it all went out of control. I raced up towards the board from behind as the professors stood reading it. The second professor was already saying, ‘I can tell what the first word is…’

I grabbed a duster and started wiping it off, saying, ‘Sir, I’ll show you. I’ll show you right now how it’s written.’

Professor P started saying he wanted to know what was written. I kept  erasing until I had wiped the whole thing clean.

Then I took a chalk and said, ‘Look, Sir, I’ll write your name.’ And I wrote his name. He was impressed.

I came back to my seat. The professors took their seats as A started explaining some physics stuff on the board.

My friends and I stayed for a while in the room, then got the hell out of there when we couldn’t stop sniggering.

6 thoughts on “What is this writing?

        1. Actually, the words are not something I can discuss very freely here :-P, also because it might ruin some of the fun of figuring it out yourself, which I believe some people have done.
          If you try flipping it in some common image editor like Paint…


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