Too Short a Time

It’s too short a time
To figure out what’s going on
Lie awake in my sodium touched nights
And wonder why I am
where I am, who I am and why I am not
It’s too short a time
To both live and know what life is
To both be in pain and have the cool to analyse it
I push it away for tomorrow;
there’s always time to be a better me
All the time I never know
if a tomorrow will ever be
I know not how I got here, I know not where I’m headed
I sit back and watch my life like a TV show.
Someday, across that firmament,
in that empty black ether
that makes you feel you’re always falling,
I shall dissolve into oblivion, without much sound
and another show will go off the air.

2 thoughts on “Too Short a Time

  1. True, its too short a time to figure what’s going on, but then there is this gift that everyone has to figure out atleast where he is at best! your blog address itself is life is all we got…..i guess, you know then what else you have to do?? Time will tell you……


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