Why I don’t talk about my drumming

I was chatting on facebook the other day with a friend called Priya Martin. We were sharing our bad habits when I decided to goof around a bit. I was able to save the conversation because I was chatting from Empathy, a universal chat client. I am dvidby0 in the chat:


– dvidby0@chat.facebook.com, 05:16 –

so, your turn again.

make it good.

– -591296334@chat.facebook.com, 05:17 –


I can’t think of any

I always leave closet doors open

– dvidby0@chat.facebook.com, 05:17 –

that’s bad?

– -591296334@chat.facebook.com, 05:18 –

yeah, according to my mom at least

oh yeah, I seem to misplace things a LOT

– dvidby0@chat.facebook.com, 05:18 –

okay. Another bad habit of mine is i don’t talk about my drumming.

– -591296334@chat.facebook.com, 05:18 –

why is that a bad habit?

– dvidby0@chat.facebook.com, 05:19 –


let me explain.

this will take some time.

let’s say I did talk about my drumming.

You follow me so far?

– -591296334@chat.facebook.com, 05:20 –

yes, I do

– dvidby0@chat.facebook.com, 05:20 –

you would ask me a few questions about it.

i’ll tell you a few things.

right? I mean in a chat, okay?

– -591296334@chat.facebook.com, 05:21 –

right now?

okay, When did you start drumming?

– dvidby0@chat.facebook.com, 05:21 –

No no.

– -591296334@chat.facebook.com, 05:21 –

k, so people ask you questions

– dvidby0@chat.facebook.com, 05:21 –

i meant, in a hypothetical chat where i did tell you about my drumming,

– -591296334@chat.facebook.com, 05:21 –

in a chat

and then?

– dvidby0@chat.facebook.com, 05:21 –

these things would happen.

you would ask me a few questions about it.

i’ll tell you a few things.


– -591296334@chat.facebook.com, 05:22 –


– dvidby0@chat.facebook.com, 05:22 –

so, we would have a little conversation about that, but since most people aren’t into drumming, even those into music

the topic wouldn’t carry for too long, right?

It would be over in five lines or so, maybe.

– -591296334@chat.facebook.com, 05:23 –

yup, I imagine I would have a hard time talking about drumming

go on

– dvidby0@chat.facebook.com, 05:23 –

And that would save some time.

– -591296334@chat.facebook.com, 05:24 –


– dvidby0@chat.facebook.com, 05:24 –

and we wouldn’t be wasting 16 lines here discussing this.

right? (17)

– -591296334@chat.facebook.com, 05:25 –


right, so this is a much better topic

– dvidby0@chat.facebook.com, 05:25 –

AND 7 minutes.

So now you see why that’s a bad habit that I don’t talk about my drumming.

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