Perspective sent for publication!

Finally, I finalized my book project and sent Lambert the final manuscript of Perspective. They’ll take some weeks to publish it. Here’s the cover:




I was actually wearing a red T-shirt when I took the photo. I photoshopped it to blue, dunno why.

Questions are going through my mind now:

  • How do I celebrate?
  • Is this book going to help me in the Girls department?
  • Is it going to make it worse? Have I now become a nerd?
  • Is anyone at all going to read the book, ever?
  • Is it possible that even after the finalization step something goes wrong and the book is not published?
  • What if there’s some major mistake in the book which I overlooked?

Anyway, nighty night now. Off to sleep. Will turn on tomorrow again and think.

3 thoughts on “Perspective sent for publication!

  1. Priya

    Didn’t your editor check up on everything in the book? I am sure this book will be great. I don’t know about other girls, but I am sufficiently impressed.


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