5.30 AM. The bloody alarm. Get up. Quantum Mechanics assignment. Bleary-eyed. Tea. Music. Toothpaste. Sunlight.

Ferris wheel at Deshopriyo Park, pujo.

Breakfast. Cycle. College. Whiteboard, blackboard, greenboard, projector screen. Marker, chalk, laser pointer. Class test. No toilet paper in the toilet.

A friendly toffee under the stairs of an unknown building, rain outside.

Drill, resistor, IC 7555, burning stench, PCB. Astable square wave. Sing my finger with the solder iron. Bloody circuit doesn’t work. Sweat through after-hours. An hour after sundown, LED starts blinking.

The ancient dark recesses of the Indian Museum. A kiss exchanged amidst dusty bottles of azurite and green vitriol.

Music rehearsal. Pro Sticks, brass, flam. Trouble by Coldplay. Electric guitar. Accoustic guitar. Drinks for everyone. Chat and laughter. Practise again.

A hand-made routine. A Rubik’s cube. Dakshinapan in the rain.

Morning class: 8 AM. Assignment due: 3 PM. Rock performance: 6 PM. Web designing: 11 PM.

A phone call in the dark. A confession and a question. A yes. 7.26 PM.

Python program. Type, type. Bugs. Hours pass. 3 AM in the morning,  beautiful equipotential lines on the laptop screen.  Celebrate with a fag. Lights out, hit the bed. Sodium light outside window.

Last day of school, in the auto. Cold nose. Before sunrise in the planetarium. Near school in a rickshaw. A jungle of mirrors. Nicco Park, monorail. The beautiful apartment lights like stars beside the lake. All my forgotten kisses.

Laplacian, Lagrangian. Transmitter, training cable. XKCD, abstrusegoose. Stress-energy tensor. Eat out. Football. Learn to ride a bike. Feynman. Crush. Seminar. GPA.

Dark eyes. Rain in the city. Maidan. Secrets. Movies. Fights and reconciliations. Trouble and happiness.  Friendship, care, love. Four years.


I keep having sudden brief flashes from my previous life. It happens when you’re slow to let go. It’s like I’m watching a running colour filmstrip, only someone inserted greyscale frames in between.

Hope you never find out what it’s like.

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