1(One) 1TB External HDD (Grounded)

My 1TB External Hard Disk has been properly earthed. It fell from the desk, and doesn’t work any more. I can get it replaced with the warranty, but the data recovery will cost a whopper.

Let me tell you briefly how this happened, because you ought to know.

My laptop was on a low stool beside the taller desk. The HDD was on the desk and connected to my laptop with the USB cable.

I tried to move the stool with the laptop.

Why? Because I’m an ass.

The USB cable was too short, so the tug dragged the HDD over the edge.

However, it wasn’t short enough to snap taut before the HDD met the floor.


Sometimes I think someone up there somewhere manufactures all these, these situations. They coded the instructions into the source code of the universe that caused the USB cable to be exactly that length.


I just remembered that I had all my colloquium videos in there.

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