Inquivesta 2011

So after a lot of hard work and the magic touch of ‘jugaar’ the sponsorship brochure for our college science fest, Inquivesta, was finally finished, and now a rough working version of the website has been put up here. We’ve also made good headway in finding sponsors.

I’m especially excited about the Rubix3 event. I’ve thought of some levels that will challenge players outside the turning-the-crank algorithm of cube-solving. I’m also excited about Photon, for which we must start the online submissions soon, as also for Nava Vishwa, and maybe iThink.

I’m especially proud of the Inquivesta logo, which I made, and the brochure, which I made with Rajarshi-da. I don’t know much about web-designing, but I’ve been given the responsibility to upload updated versions, so I’m trying to tinker around with the html and css files to introduce small improvements until bigger ones come along.

6 thoughts on “Inquivesta 2011

  1. Shivam Gupta

    Hey Abhra..! Just had a look at the website and LOVED it..! Well done guys..! Also its a brilliant idea to have a science fest!

    Loved Rubix event..! Best of Luck guys..! And do lemme know if any help is needed for sponsors in Mumbai or anything..! 😀


    1. Hey. Nice to hear from you. Very glad to know that you like the website. Worked my ass off behind that one (still doing so). I’m especially proud of the rubixcube event. Still a few bugs to fix.
      About the sponsors in Mumbai, I’m not sure whether any Mumbai-based company or org would be interested in coming all the way here, that too a village 80km from kolkata. Thanks for the offer though.


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