Another Life

I could have looked up

at the mellow evening sun on your face

and wished for another life

to do just this.


I could have looked in your eyes

and seen my own

and been happy

in this carnival of desolation


I could have taken you

to see the streets and rains

which are now lost

to the wind that carries away unfinished lives.


I could have loved you, yes,

in my stupid way.

i could have hurt you, my love,

then healed you in my arms.


I could have lived that life.

But you wished for this one

and there is so much darkness, do you see

on the way back


I could have fought you

and bruised you; and you me,

and we could have crawled together

afterdark, and kissed away each other’s pains.


I could have looked back

at all our troubles

and wished for another life.



To do just this.


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