This is
a weird time to write this. Sorry, but I won’t tell you why it’s so.

Human beings are a strange race. But maybe I see this and comment
so only because I’ve seen the race from up close. If I’d taken the trouble to
see petunias or metamorphic rocks from up close, I might have had to conclude
the same about them. The reason we can notice differences in faces and
characters so much is that we have zoomed in so much. Now if we were someone
who was making a chart of the universe we wouldn’t be bothered about the
differences between people, just like we wouldn’t be bothered about the
differences between the individuals of the same species of squid.

My suspicion is that we can zoom in on anything. There’s a lot of
space to zoom in on anything. That’s why there are so many specialists. There
are spelunkers and hairdressers and herpetologists. You start zooming into
something and you see that there are pictures in the greater megapixels too. Of
course, beyond a certain zoom the picture that emerges is singular, the same no
matter where you have started zooming from. That’s because nature only uses the longest threads to weave her tapestry.



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