Two of Us #14

Day 628


L Day 628, man.

N So we stuck through, did we?

L No, N. that doesn’t imply we
stuck through. But it looks like — touch wood — we’re having fair weather.

N Well, happiness is what
matters. When the sun shines, you kind of strangely forget about what it’s like
when it doesn’t. And it’s not good when it doesn’t. So we don’t want that.

L Right. N?

N Yeah?

L We been out of touch.

N Why?

L Dunno, maybe because I didn’t
need you, maybe never did? It’s easier saying those things now, you know.

N You mean you are happier?

L Strangely, N, I’m not sure.
It’s like TV. Everything’s TV. Nothing matters too much.

N That’s bad, I guess.

L Yeah, but I ain’t feeling any
urgency or any direct discomfort because of it. It’s just a sense that this
shouldn’t be right that makes me worry about it. Not too much, though.

N It’s time you got another.

L You think so?

N I think so.

L N, you told me to not give up

N L, we both know that doesn’t matter any more. We turned out fools.
And we didn’t really have it in our hands.

L That’s why, N, I’m not feeling
motivated to go into all this again, where you are always at risk of turning
out stupid, and paying a lot in damages. It’s just that I invest so much… And

N Besides?

L Besides, I don’t feel an urgency
like that. If a situation comes by, I’ll judge it and decide.

N But who’ll turn off the TV

L I guess college will.

N Man, college. That sounds so…
so new.

L Yeah. Me. In college. Time
slips by, man, irreversibly. Not all of that is good.

N You, the eternal moaner.

L I see reason.

N I see reason to not talk about
it now.

L Right, me too. You know, it’s a
hard job keeping up with all your friends.

N Count the good ones.

L Can’t. Not here. Bad idea, N.

N Some you will shed.

L Funny, isn’t it, how at one
time I wouldn’t be convinced that I’d ever get over it?

N You’ll do the same thing if it
happens again.

L Dragon-shit, man. Don’t you
wish it.

N I think you’ll be careful.

L Will be, but I don’t know how
effective that will be. You don’t get to know how you’ll turn out in a
situation till you are in that situation.

N It’s a museum into yourself,
isn’t it?

L Not quite as glamorous as all

N Hmm.

L How ’bout we put up the graphs?

N Who’ll know what they are?

L They don’t have to. It’s my
blog, I do what I like.

N Okay.

L In alphabetical order.

N That’s the way they are,








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