EXE’s From My Past

When I
used to be in class VIII or so, we had Visual Basic in our Computer Practical
syllabus. I eventually took a strong liking to it and even brought home
monster-size books on VB. During this time, I created a number of applications
on VB. The best of them, a fully customizable multi-step calculator, was lost
in a disk crash. However, today I opened an old backup CD to look for WinRAR
Archiver and stumbled upon a few such applications I had stored away on the CD.
It was all very nostalgic.

The first is a puzzle game I had created, the type where you have
to move tiles around a grid to form a picture, only I used numbers, so that
there are many formations you can try to make. This is the link to that


The second is the first version of the calculator. The history
behind it is that we already had a calculator on our syllabus, a really stupid
one whose code we simply had to copy from our textbook. It could do just the
four primary functions, and without a great deal of accuracy (it used only a
few decimal points). I improved upon it a little, and brought out my version,
which you can download here:



Then I worked a hell lot
more on it, and produced something that no man has ever set his mortal eyes on,
but, as I said, it’s lost now.

I remember I cried the night it happened.


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