JEE Results

state engineering joint entrance results were announced today. It’s called West
Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE). But let me first tell you how much
importance it has held for me.

I was pretty darned pissed off when in the first place it clashed
with another test I wanted to take. Thankfully, on the penultimate day,
questions were leaked and the joint was postponed. I sat for the other test.

We had a tour coming up after that, which most probably would
engulf the possible revised date.

Finally, it didn’t. Most unfortunately, because I had decided to
not take the test at all if it came to that. However, we would be returning
only a couple of days before the revised date, and there would be no time to

We didn’t cancel the tour for that.

We returned, and I didn’t study a word in those two or three days.
There were my friends who had studied really, really hard (and I mean really,
really hard) for entire weeks before the first date and an entire month before
the second, and I was lazing on a couch watching TV.

I sat for the test, a thousandth time less nervous than those
around me, and those three hours were just spent realizing that I hadn’t
forgotten everything.

The days coming up to today, the day of the declaration of results,
were packed with anticipation and anxiety for my friends, and a lot of Dan
Brown and Chetan Bhagat for me.

Today, the results are out. I’ve ranked 468, while some of my
friends are in the thousands.

Although it’s not wise to extrapolate each important incident in
your life to deduce some general rule, yet, and especially because this wasn’t
important to me, I am enticed to declare the rule that:

‘1 unit less of
anxiety and nervousness during an examination equals about twenty units more of

I guess I’m off to somewhere to study Physics now (you thought I’d
go for engineering? Pooh.), and in accordance to the rule above, I’m looking
for many more books to read and games to download to my phone. Then surely, in
some dazzling near future, I’ll be all over your newspapers and TV. You just
wait till that.


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