Rambles Again

sunset as reflected from the glass panes of a building out that window always
looks magical. It’s always better than what the sunset really is like.

We realize that too late. Even then, we wonder if there wasn’t
anything at all behind what we saw in the glass windows.

Today, I’ve swallowed a seed. I cannot tell you what seed; I don’t
know what that fruit is called, and chancing a guess might be folly.

I am, of course, hoping it will pass without incident through the
entire course of my alimentary system and that I will meet it tomorrow morning.
I am hoping to be able to recognize it then.

Every now and then, I am gripped by a need to do something meaningful, constructive, rich, to fill
up time that would otherwise vacuously float past. But float it does, most of
the time. The bitch won’t stop for a moment for me to catch up and decide what
meaningful thing I could do next.

In the end, I think humankind has been a great misfortune to befall
this planet. I think I can already feel the seed in my abdomen. Anyway,
humankind. Yes, all the more pathetic because we had the brains. Even more pathetic because we brag about it
very frequently.

I’ve just been reading V for Vendetta. I guess that made me a
little bitter.

Are you reading this? Who are you? Do you know me? If you don’t,
will you, ever? Does that thought strike you anywhere?

When I start talking like this, you can tell that I have nothing
much else to write about.

And you’re right this time.



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