Dove is burning up Indonesia.

I learnt
a few weeks back from the Greenpeace
that Unilever, which manufactures Dove, uses palm oil in many of
its products. That’s not a problem. The problem is that they are acquiring this
palm oil from illegal suppliers in Indonesia, as a result of which the
Indonesian forests are under a huge, huge threat. Let me remind you, there
ain’t many rainforests left in the world. Indonesia is important. It
is home to orang-utans and many other species that are just dying out there as
the forests burn away to supply palm oil for your facial. As an educated
internet-user, I urge you to watch the video below which Greenpeace has
released. Please do this. We are the only species with the brains and the
resources to protect the wildlife of this planet. Let’s not have to stand
facing ourselves one day and realize that we have used all those smarts on how
to devastate our ancient forests and kill the animals in them. Please watch
this video. If it takes some time to load, please, please, be patient.
It’s not a long video, just about a minute, won’t take long to load.
Dove Onslaught(er) from Greenpeace on Vimeo.


If you
want to know more and about other issues or get involved, please visit the
Greenpeace website or any other organization that you may have heard of, like
     A recent development is that Unilever has responded to
the over 40,000 e-mails sent to them from around the world to protest against
this. It has promised to stop this and to aggressively lobby with other giant
manufacturers to stop this illegal supply. All of this has happened solely from
the protests that people like you and me have launched through a simple e-mail.
So you see, you can do it too if you wanted.


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