Hang Art

You know, those times when the fact that you have an excruciatingly slow computer decides to establish itself once again on a day when you need to get a lot of things done, and you’ve just clicked on the icon of the third application when everything freezes, nothing is opening, and time is ticking by, and there’s a stupid red light on the CPU, and you’ve just about reached the end of your rope, and are dragging the Winamp window all over the desktop in frustration, if somehow you take just a second to isolate yourself from the moment, from your life, from the indifferent screen in front of you, calm yourself down for a single second with inner energy and click PrtScr,


you get this.

     I’ve christened it hang art. You can actually create many different sorts of patterns, provided your machine remains hanged for long enough. See, once you get into hang art, the phenomenon of hanging becomes a much anticipated one. A single idea that can chop off such a huge amount of frustration from your life.


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