What I think of academic talk

we have a system (A) of linear equations.

Suppose it defines all possible orientations of a particular
magnetic field in space, under certain conditions.

Suppose some of these orientations satisfy a second set (B) of linear
equations, where n(B)

Suppose we take the two systems A and B and the magnetic field and
reduce the three entities by way of a 2/3 dimensional
conversion to obtain 2 entities which may be systems or physical phenomena.

Suppose we take these 2 mathematical and/or physical entities,
clearly define the point of discontinuity between them with the help of a set
of unrestricted operation (gapping) rules, hence obtain 2 disjoint entities,
reduce their dimensions to about 4
π (sq.
cm.) X 10 (cm.) right-circular cylinders, and stick them up your nose.


That’s what I think of academic talk.


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