The Face

There is this face
cream for acne that sis uses. There’s a picture of a girl with that satin type
of skin on the cream:


This picture is also
on the paper box this thing was in.
Now, there’s this another thing that she uses to darken her eyelashes. It’s a curious
little pencil type of thing, only very thin and brittle (I know, because I’ve
already broken one of hers). Maybe they call it an eyeliner, or mascara, or whatever. Anyway, it’s very
sticky and you can use it on any type of surface. Only thing is, it’s meant to
come off easily.


So there’s a girl’s face looking pretty
on the paper box, and there’s this tool. And there’s me.
If you call these three x, y and z, then after about ten minutes, x + y + z


Someday I can
open my own make-up salon.


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