A History of the Banner

It hasn’t been too long that I started this blog, only about two and
a half years, but I’ve already changed my banner a number of times. So I
thought: why not make a blog entry out of it? Also, once I change my banner, the
old ones kind of withdraw to an isolated life on my photobucket album. That
would be a sad end for images I worked hard behind. So you could say that I
wanted to show off my pathetic photoshop skills with this entry. However, this
entry will also deal a little with a hasty history of Spaces and my blog.

In the beginning, there was nothing. But it was mistakenly called
MSN Spaces. My blog was then called Truth – the true version. I
had saved a preview of what my space used to look like in those dark days:



Then MSN Spaces became Windows Live Spaces. It was a lot
better-looking, but slower. And it started behaving rudely with non-Microsoft
browsers. Anyway, my first banner then was this:



It was basically a twiddling of basic Photoshop options. The
background is not entirely mine. It’s modified from a wallpaper I had on my

Then I removed the background, because I thought that a white
background made the banner blend in seamlessly with the white background of the
page and look cool.


But I couldn’t be pacified. I went ahead and this time did a lot
more twiddling on that same old background and even included some red, a colour
I don’t like much ‘coz my sis likes it. What resulted was this, and it stayed
for a long time.



But guess what, there came a time when it had to go. The next one
has a tiny history behind it. My name has something to do with the sky, and I
also love the different moods and shades the sky wears at different times. I
wanted to put in the same expansive feeling in the background, this time with a
sky. This is what resulted:


You’ll notice that I kept the title itself almost unchanged. That
golden streak at the bottom is actually the rays of a setting sun. I also
remember that that was a pretty troubled time in my life.

Then I changed the name of my blog from Truth – the true
to One Life – the story of my one shot, for
reasons I’ve stated before. I had to make a new banner. And this one, I’ll
admit, had a lot of hard work behind it, and it really came from the heart of my
bottom, you know what I mean. I’ve always been a huge fan of the rain. It turns
me kind of strange. I’ve written about it before. Anyway, this one had an
element of sadness to it, with the rain. The title looked good in total black.



I’ve recently abandoned it for no other reason than its background,
which fades to black, does not match the white background of the page. And I
couldn’t dream of making the blog dark to solve the problem. I’d hate it. So I
went back to that old background, and produced it in blue:



The reflections of the title and tagline you see weren’t that easy.
Each of them is a total separate layer, flipped. Then a gradient. I remodeled my
entire blog during this period. A lot of design changes were made, and the new
theme was based on white, light gray and light sky blue. I coupled this banner
with a footer on the bottom of the page:



That’s the current scenario, and no other changes have been made.
Let me tell you, these banners were all created with just the basic operations
in Photoshop, mainly layer options. If they happen to look good, I guess I owe
it more to my quote artistic sense unquote, which I might have picked up from
seven years of learning art.

And hey, if you haven’t noticed, you can click each of these images
to get the real ones, at their own isolated residences on photobucket that I
talked about.


One thought on “A History of the Banner

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