Two of Us #13

1Life Hey.

Neo I thought you’d killed me.

1Life Don’t be too sure I haven’t.

Neo Anyway, what’s the buzz?

1Life Let’s talk about something

Neo You’re losing, aren’t you?

1Life What do you expect?

Neo I expected you to win.

1Life You didn’t actually, did you?
Anyway, something else.

Neo It’s funny watching you flee.

1Life You know, those old stories I
used to believe in, they’re long past.

Neo Well, then you have lost a lot
of yourself too, I’d have to say, ‘coz a lot of yourself was those old stories.

1Life Maybe, someday, I’ll have
reason to believe in them again.

Neo You’re leaving this hope in
whose hands?

1Life I dunno. I guess you’re right.
I’m just trying to flee.

Neo Divulged yet?

1Life Nope. Can’t, I guess. Sounds
great to the inner ear when I sometimes think about it, but it’s going to be
awkward once it happens. I mean, you need to draw the line somewhere. You leak
too much of yourself, and you are bound to start feeling awkward about it soon.

Neo But where is this going? You have any idea how long
this has been?

1Life Pretty long, yeah. If I sat
down with the stats, I guess I’d be pretty much pissed off.

Neo It would do you a lot of good,

1Life I’m hoping to see that good
without having to face that unpleasantness.

Neo Flee psychology again.

1Life Hey, I was thinking of taking a
photograph of the two of us.

Neo We’ll see about that. What
about this?

1Life I can’t be sure. Let’s see.
I’ll try.

Neo That’s what you say all the

1Life Yeah, but I won’t use that
argument again, of our principles being clouded by common beliefs and all. I
realized I didn’t like myself much either. You could call that an extension of
common beliefs, but I also saw that the perspective you settle into is pretty
much distorted. It’s not true. There’s a lot more to things than this view will
allow. Maybe that’s where the common belief is valid.

Neo So there is black?

1Life I’ve thought about it. Yes, it
seems to be so. That makes me a hypocrite.

Neo Actually, you wrote that as a
repercussion, didn’t you? I guess you were looking to justify something. Flee
psychology again.

1Life What if I think it’s a limited,
distorted perspective because the
common belief treats it that way?

Neo Even if it be so, you’d do
better to follow it.

1Life Why?

Neo You haven’t proved yourself
internally strong enough to establish your own system. Why don’t you conquer it
first and then deny it?

1Life It doesn’t hold, N, it really
doesn’t. The same logic would want me to ban happiness.

Neo Let’s say, then, that we are
doing it for your happiness’ sake, and not for any other stronger logical
belief. It’s undeniable, isn’t it, that that’s one thing it robs you of.

1Life I’m not sure I can do this, N.

Neo Let’s do something else, then.
Instead of trying to head towards null, let’s head towards a low. A specific,
well-defined low.

1Life Let’s see. See you around,


/ 140515.

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