Let’s put up something, shall we?

Been to the beach on the weekend. Nice place. Bit salty and humid. That gets under your skin, if you are me. Don’t mind the pun. Don’t care a hang if you do. This morning I dreamt I was at her birthday. Didn’t wanna face her, but the time had to come when I had to give her the gift.

Forget about the dream. What’s causing the bad mood right now is the unforgivable stink that’s hovering about this place, imperceptible to anyone but me. It comes from my sister, but don’t go on and tell her.

Every time you tune your TV to a channel it doesn’t receive, a part of the dancing buzz you see is the radiation that was born during the birth of the universe. They were photons once, light. After all these years, they have become microwave radiation.

I’m not liking this, to be frank. Not one bit, not an ounce of it. I don’t have any idea what I want instead, either. They think I always want attention. Well, okay, I do. But at least I’m not breathing down their necks about it like some other people I happen to know.

No I’m not liking this one bit. It’s going to amount to nothing. Let’s say, seventy years of a vacuous heap. A heap of tarpaulin. Raise it and there’s nothing beneath it. And still there are people collecting certificates and medals and approval and smiles and nods and pats on the back.

Did god actually think I’d be this stupid? Not to see through the primal game principles? What’s his point?


You’re not gonna come around. I’m not deserving enough. Not outgoing enough. Are you a boy or a girl? I’m a boy. Not a man, a boy. I don’t need to be one of those men with their endless talk about bikes and rock music and wild hair and black wardrobe. Man, listen to this guitar. All I can hear is white noise and static. And something like the squeak you hear when trying to tune a radio. And he was dancing around naked in the stage, with tar all over him and the guitar hanging from his teeth. Tell me something, why are you actually talking about him, about them, about the music? Is it because you actually like the music and understand it, or is it because it’s gonna give you that macho look and help you belong to that group of similar people? Do you realize this world’s not a team game, with a my side and their side about everything?


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