Don’t you see

Around you and beyond lies the complex twisted matrix of a needless endeavour

A cosmos of private, solitary roads that fork, twist, entwine

That cross, leave, shift and end in deceptive silence

They follow some secret reason — untold, intricate, useless.

They hold and entangle you this moment,

Yet their subtle caress in every breath of your life

Is so light, your senses must be reminded to feel them

— A rigorous ordeal that leads you to the Nowhere

Outside this one.



Of many fibers and sharpness wait in all imaginable angles

And some unimaginable ones, for minds that conquer enough to know

Our world is someone’s imagination.

You walk these scattered paths under the drugs of emotion and instinct —

They won’t let you hear the low whispers of the air from Nowhere

From within the concrete columns of your beliefs,

That won’t let you question, won’t let you know

Won’t let you feel the truth till it is time to go

To the Nowhere

Outside this one.


And yes, the paths have not met, it is a neural refuge you construct.

You are alone,

Alone in this maze of the fruitless Everything.


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