a place so dark

It’s a place so dark you can’t see with your eyes wide open

It’s a place so far in you can’t feel with groping fingers

A private, secret city of lost thoughts that sink deeper

Each day into the growing darkness as it trickles further below

They turn black, like sea-bed corals where the sun don’t shine

So that when they will rise I won’t know it’s them

Just a cold uncomfortable shadow out of the inner metropolis I avoid

Twist yourself out of their grip; it helps them grip tighter

Enclose you with what you enclose within

Because the walls of a bottle of poison will melt someday

I know that

Yet I cannot pour it out

The black liquid is too far in to touch with the fingers

Too dark to see in the darkness

And I don’t know what I’m dealing with

Although all along I know it’s just me

But maybe that’s exactly why it’s like that

A universe without infinite inner corners is too short

But sometimes they make me feel

The whole business has been too much hard work

Too much hard work to set up this

This Nothing.



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