Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was Time.

And an awful lot it was too. There was such an awful lot of Time, you could play cards, then watch TV, go hiking, sleep, drool, and you’d still have as much time as you started off with. It was an endless heap of stinkin’ Time.

Then along came a Mind.

He wasn’t a dude, neither a dudette, so I’ll refer to the Mind as ‘it’. So it came and sat down on the floor and saw this huge heap of Time and was bored from the start. I mean, man, you could pass an hour, or a week, or a lifetime, but forever? Which useless hobby is going to see you through forever? So the Mind started, well, thinking of course. It started thinking about how to pass the Time.

Then after a few days, it created the first grains of sand from the substance of its own thought, because there was nothing else. Then the desert wind. And the desert winds tossed the grains of sand around mercilessly, throwing them here and there, making them run into each other, lose themselves, and all sorts of pointless childishness.

But the Mind was happy, and it could go through a week watching the grains of sand. Next week it could always come up with something else.


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