The Transmission from God

A few decades ago, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) tied up with SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) to help intercept cosmic radiations of a particular frequency that scientists hoped would contain valuable information about the beginning of the universe. The project was named NASA-SETI ET Transmission Search Co-operation. After almost twenty-five years of fruitless interception attempts, on 5th December, 360 radiation receptors simultaneously received packets of radiation for approx. 10.5 mins. Scientists confirmed that the radiation had a  timestamp of about 4.7 billion years, the age of the Universe. In other words, the radiation has been travelling unchanged through the cosmos ever since the Big Bang.

On analysis, unfortunately, the radiation refused to yield any scientific information. The received data, however, when passed through a NASA analyzer computer (converts any electromagnetic impulses into binary information), yielded the following human-readable data. Some terms of the transmission were initially unrecognizable, but the logic unit of the supercomputer has traced them down to more familiar units.

A 4.7 billion year old transmission cannot possibly be any foreign military signal. So in a desperate attempt to crack this ancient code, NASA decided to release the received file to the public. In accordance to its decision, the entire transmission is exactly reproduced below. Any aid in comprehending the information it may contain will be valuably rewarded.



#NASA1951.08.26.B#/F:/NASA-SETI ET Transmission Search Co-operation/Received Transmissions/Uncategorized/File1_2006.12.05.


##Beginning of Transmission<


Random Parameter Generator File A/1256D/90A/9312

Unit 9312 [Parameter restriction level 12/1000]

Parameters A Kaya 1

Averagely homogenous

Average density 72 Ghan [1.03 X 10–23 gcc-1 #NASA1951.08.26.B#]

Mass 3.56 Kaya [7.225 X 1063 g #NASA1951.08.26.B#]

Volume 1.6 Ayatn [#DataNotInMemory_uncomputed #NASA1951.08.26.B#]

Initiation Parameters A1

Perceptible initiator units (at + .1 Kaal [4.7 billion Earth years #NASA1951.08.26.B#]): 2

Reasoning initiator: Explosion, diversification.

Fundamental ubiquitous quantities: 3.1415 [π #NASA1951.08.26.B#]; 1.618 [Φ #NASA1951.08.26.B#]; Duality [0/1 #NASA1951.08.26.B#].

End: undefined.

Parameters B Atma 1

Multiplicity: 4 (1 x .34, y 1.54, z .96; 2 x .12, y .11, z .08; 3 x 1.01, y .42, z .99; 4 x 1.59, y 2.2, z .01)

Cycle Initiator Atma 1

2 x .12, y .11, z .08 (at + .09989 Kaal [4.699995 billion Earth years #NASA1951.08.26.B#])

Final Nirvana %: undefined.

Parameters C RanParGen Unique Parameter

Type: Nested

RanParGen File A/1256D/90A/9312 intercepted by cycle initiator Atma at + .1 Kaal [4.7 billion Earth years #NASA1951.08.26.B#]



>End of Transmission##

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