I’ll be so far away

All this won’t matter

Won’t matter to me

Stretched so wide around me

That glittering sea of light

You see every night

Across the sky

I’ll be that high


I’ll raise my hand

Stir the starry band

And walk down that Milky Way



And I’ll be

So far away I won’t be

Able to see

My life from up there

And I won’t care


This huge world is so huge, I know

It’s beautiful but I have to go

‘Coz there was never enough space

In this beautiful place

To hold someone who’d fill me with love

To hold someone I could take with me


So I’m leaving for this trip

On my lonely ship

For the glittering sea

Just the stars and me

So much life, so much time

So many moments will be mine

To talk away

To waste away

To live away



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