End of Me

Can you hear me, hello? Is anyone out there? Please, be there, somebody. Anybody. I don’t want to see emptiness again. Please, answer me. Where is light? Please, I’m lost. Am I? Forever? Since forever? Lost forever… Please, answer me, won’t you? I know you are there…

Why can’t I be believed? Why can’t I be trusted? Why will I be tagged, labelled and thrown in the warehouse with all the others whose commitment lasts till the next day? Why can’t you believe me? I’m not like that. Hello? Is this the end of everything? Then put me to sleep, will you? Dissolve me in oblivion? I cannot carry my weight any more; I’m too much for myself. I can no longer myself believe in me. Please don’t go; listen to me. Don’t leave me here, alone in the dark, please. I’ve been alone all my life, lost and alone. Please, look, here’s my hand. Grab it, please. Please. I know you are out there. I haven’t done anything wrong, please. Take my hand and put me to sleep. End me, please. I don’t even want to merge with Him. I hate Him. Just end me, can’t you? Are you Him? Please, if you are, you are so powerful — end me, please. I cannot believe myself any more.

Hello? Are you there?


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