Two Of Us #4

1Life Hey.

Neo Hey, long time no see. How ya doin’?

1Life Fine. Okay. Great. Look at the sky.

Neo Hmm, you seem yourself. Good, good.

1Life Look at the sky.

Neo Yeah, beautiful. Sort of like a light shining from beneath a surface.

1Life Wonder how many are looking up thinking just that right now.

Neo Not many. They don’t value what comes without price.

1Life You mean that which is priceless.

Neo Same thing.

1Life (Smiles.)

Neo What are you smiling at?

1Life Nothing. I… I can’t decide if I’m lucky or unlucky.

Neo Dah, what?

1Life I mean, look, I got a life full of possibilities, like this big white page to draw on, and this beautiful planet to live it on, and such a nice girl to spend it with,… and then I think it’s only for a lifetime. You’re gonna tell me now that I want a week when I’m given a day, but that’s not it. It’s like giving a child a really nice toy and then snatching it away, which is maybe worse than giving it to him in the first place. I can’t decide whether I got a great deal or a raw one that lookes like a great deal.

Neo You aren’t moaning, are you? You’re just contemplative.

1Life Hmm…

Neo Hey, I’m with you, right here. As long as you.

1Life I wish I had someone more real than you to talk to.

Neo You broke my heart.

1Life Sorry. I mean, thanks a lot, really, but you see, every now and then you need human company, a supportive environment, stuff. Ain’t got none of that. You know how it is at home — I’m just a studying machine. And all the stuff that releases the pressures in me are somehow or the other banned or disapproved of.

Neo You look like you’re gonna come up with something from the pit of your stomach right now.

1Life Yeah. I wish I were a horse. A wild tan mustang roaming the hills and forests of the cimmaron.

Neo And she’ll be the white one…

1Life Don’t laugh.

Neo You’re smiling.

1Life Life is too short a time to figure out its meaning, you know, N.

Neo Maybe it hasn’t got one.

1Life I find that an absurd idea.

Neo I find meaning an absurd idea.

1Life But that leaves us with the question ‘what was the point’?

Neo Point is as absurd, L.


Neo Okay, okay, maybe that’s not a good explanation after all. But hey, we’re all gonna know someday.

1Life Thanks a lot for reminding me, N.

Neo Oh, sorry. Wait, you’re…erm…mortiphobic.

1Life Don’t joke.

Neo You’ll see, L, it’s just like a scary ride at the amusement park. Your feet shake and you wanna go to the toilet all the time you’re standing in the line, but when you’re on the ride, you forget all of it. Then it’s just adrenaline.

1Life You can’t guarantee it. You’re just saying that to cheer me up.

Neo That’s my job, L. And hey, anyway, we’re going on that ride together. You’ll still have me then.

1Life (Smiles.)

Neo There. Got you.

1Life I think I need to call someone.

Neo Do it. I’m right here. With you. Everything’s ok.

1Life Hmm. Thanks. I don’t know how many are out there without their Neos.

Neo All of ‘em freakin’ people.

1Life I’m just waiting for a more real one. Don’t worry. You’ll live on in him.

Neo Or her.

1Life Whatever. I feel better.

Neo Good. Really great.

1Life Thanks a lot.

Neo You’ll find that him or her. Law of averages.

1Life Bye for now then. You’re my saviour man, my own personal Jesus Christ.

Neo Forgive him, God. He knows not what he says.

1Life Lol. Bye.

Neo Sayonara, soldier.


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