I was watching this movie called Wondrous Oblivion on TV. It was a movie against racism, against the differences imposed on the basis of complexion, where a white family and a black family learn to love each other.

During a scene showing the members of the black family listening to the white kid recite from some religious book, our housemaid, who was in the room, remarked that the head of the black family looked like a jamadar (one who cleans the streets and is usually avoided by people of higher society. Courtesy India). She went on to use the word ‘negroe’ and seemed to derive a lot of pleasure from some funny angle she had discovered of looking at the black people on the TV. Let me put in here that she isn’t exactly bright in complexion, and could easily pass off as a black herself.

And I thought, Jesus, you can’t get stupider than that. I mean, firstly, I don’t know which son of a bitch first started the discrimination by skin-colour bullshit, but that the poison has spread so far as to cloud the mind of an illiterate dark-skinned housemaid from some Indian village, well, well, he did a nice job. I wish he had called me when he had the idea, so I could tell him to get a job.

If I didn’t make myself clear before — er, actually, now it occurs to me that I never really did, — here’s what I have to say about all this:






Religious harassment










It’s just not cool. It’s stupid. Do you ever judge a book by how fair its front cover is? That’s how stupid it is. Ask yourself if you see any logical reason behind supporting any of the above. If the answer is yes, contact me, please.


And yeah, if you really wanna know, I’m brown. Although a guy in a garments store once told me I’m fair, I know he was only trying to get me to buy his stuff. So I’m brown, and I’m not trying to be any other colour, nor am I hating anyone for being any other colour.


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