Distract Me

This is a wallpaper I came up with in Photoshop. Unlike the last time, this one is completely original. Don’t ask, however, why I created it.

Click the image to get the 1024×768 version. Sorry, no higher resolutions yet. 


Distract Me 1024x768 Wallpaper


One thought on “Distract Me

  1. monalisa

    Ok,I was blown and practically struggling to unglue my eyes (ok,I do have the liberty to exaggerate right!?) from the screen,and then I scroll down,and I found those dismal few lines staring back at me,from your \’This,that\’!!!Did I tell you how totally good-looking this one is!?Just like all your creations,your manipulations,your degradations…? How good-looking your everything is….? How good-looking….you are?


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