This, that.


I usually try to ignore the fact that I’m not good-looking. Like the way I believe everything is a miracle and yet deep down I know I’m gonna faint if one happened in front of my eyes right now. In the same way, I think I have a faint potential for looking good which deep in my heart I don’t really believe.

Complex, complex. Everything’s so complex.

Visited my primary school today. South Point Junior. Rush of nostalgia. There used to be a huge, insurmountable wall in the compound. I found it today to be an arm’s length above my shoulder. I could easily jump over it if I wanted. How things change.

I’ll be leaving behind a really long list of incomplete things I would’ve liked to complete. I’m fairly sure of that right now. Potential items on that list would be

1         Learn German.

2         Learn to play the guitar.

3         Visit Antarctica.

4         Visit Egypt.

5         Know who I am.

6         Have a male best friend. (And I don’t mean a good best friend. I mean a best best friend.)

And of course,

7         Be good-looking.



I’ll be signing off now.


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