Snippets Again

I hate going to sleep, did you know that?


Tomorrow’s my girlfriend’s birthday. We aren’t having an underground party with DJ. We are having — you guessed it — nothing. We can’t have anything. Her parents want to deny I exist, and mine reciprocate it.

Tell me the last time you let the rain drench you through to your soul and you looked with bleary eyes at the beautiful, beautiful Earth around you. I forgot my last time.

Can you believe we are in a disc of stars and planets and gases among million others in the universe among million other universes? Can you believe how far we have closed in on ourselves that we forget we are four-limbed miracles called life on a small blue planet in a circling white disk?

There’s a miracle in the universe, a single planet with life, and look what we do with it. We construct the society and jobs and lawyers and clocks and routines and turn it into something as dry, concrete, lifeless as intergalactic gas mass.

Keep up the good work.


Damn, I hate this.


4 thoughts on “Snippets Again

  1. Megha

    hi Neo..
    well i xpect tht u must have forgotten me…
    it is almost after 4 months tht m postin sm comment here,
    well u nvr dropped in by..
    n im visitin after a long time, yet feel im so familiar wid da space!!
    hope things r goin fine
    n ur gf\’s birthday went well!!…n u had a nice day togethr
    kip in tuch..!!


  2. Steve

      Sorry about the delay in responding but you know how things are sometimes.  I just went to D3V’s site and clicked on the links you provided concerning your Flash Player.
    I can only assume a few things wrong here:
    1).  The link on you xml file ( ) is not a valid http link.  What I mean is that I don’t think that the Flash player can decipher it.  If you can post it (the song) to a valid http:// site, I think that might help.  I did C&P it into a new browser (mms:// ) and it did come up in my WMP.  But try what I suggested.  It might be the difference of it playing vs.dead air.
    2).  I also noticed that you are using a .WMA file for your song.  From what I know, the Flash player can only play & decipher MP3’s.   Even though it says WMA’s accepted, I have never had luck with them personally.  Try to keep all the file formats the same.  (ie. All MP3’s or WMA’s, not a combination of the 2)  If you can post it as a MP3, it might also help out your cause.
    3).  Like with #1, try placing your Flash Player on a valid http site and in the same directory as the music you want to use. 
    Your XML file looks fine other then what I mentioned above.
    Dunno if this will work for you but I hope this helps in your quest  =o)


  3. Megha

    good to see a remark by u…at my space. for sure add me the pleasure will b all mine perhaps i will add u too…(if i succeed in workin dis Windows thingy…!!)…
    n yes i remembr …Wen u say nuthin et all!!…
    n all the remrks i left here, n all tht i read frm u…!!!…
    kip in tuch,
    n tkcr..
    P.S. interestin 2 knw tht ur first crushe\’s name was also Megha..hehehee… = )!!


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