The News Today

Okay, been busy the past few days with tidying up my space for the search engines and submitting myself to a hundred engines and directories. I can see at least one result to all of that: I actually get a few hits on the first page corresponding to me (and not one of those other impersonators on Earth who share my name) and my blog when I google my name. That’s pitiable. I pity me for that. There have been about 930 unique visits to my blog since I put it up near the end of last year, in which time my contemporaries have soared up to two-digit thousands. But I don’t mind. One day when I’ll be famous — because that’s what I plan to be — I’ll tell the world about my blog and there will be one thousand people jostling for space on my space at any given moment.

I pity me. And there’s no need for you to pretend that you sympathize. I hate that. Put your handkerchief back in your pocket and wipe those nonexistent tears from your eyes.

Did you know that a bit of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, the part I’d loved a lot, deals actually with quantum mechanics? You don’t know? That’s strange. I just told you. Do you know which part is that? It’s the parallel-universe part. I’ve written a whole article about that fascination of mine, and even gone into the blockheadedness of beginning with It is known from various sources, without ever knowing that the source was the well-established uncertainty of quantum mechanics, and not some flimsy factoids from a fairy realm. Come now and stop me from being a physicist.

I pity you. You know not the world I live in within my head, and that’s pitiable. Now wait a minute while I squeeze out my imaginary tears for you and pull out my even more imaginary handkerchief (I never carry one around when I’m not in school) to wipe them.

Let peace be with you, woeful creatures.



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