Two of Us #3

Sometimes you forget for a long while that life is not white; it’s grey. And then life notices that and sends you a little black and that mixes nicely with the existing white in your mind and you remember all over again that grey is what life is supposed to be.

Maybe that’s why I like low-hanging clouds. The colour reminds me…




1Life Hey.

Neo Howdy.

1Life I’m fine.

Neo You’re not.

1Life How can you tell?

Neo Well, firstly, you have the look of a man trying to swallow some bitter medicine and trying to pretend it’s nothing. Secondly, you asked that question how can you tell and that gave the game away.

1Life Hmph.

Neo Acme dynamite.

1Life Again?

Neo Ask yourself that question.

1Life Go to hell.

Neo L, let’s not talk of impossibilities here. It’s like, you know, telling only one side of a coin to go to hell while the other side says.

1Life No, seriously, N, get off my face.

Neo Ooh, a war! You got tickets?

1Life You want one?

Neo That’s why I exist. Don’t be stupid.


Neo What happened?

1Life Break-up.

Neo Shit.

1Life Yeah, where’s your armour now? Why do I see your shorts? Aren’t you supposed to be a soldier?

Neo No, I mean… that’s shit.

1Life Well, that shows me your skin.

Neo Don’t talk nonsense. Why?

1Life Home.

Neo Your?

1Life Nope.

Neo Oh. But,… shit.

1Life It’s not permanent. For a year.

Neo Oh. Oh! Oh I see now. Well, you can do it, can’t you?

1Life It was hard today. I hate those two words, you know.

Neo I know. But things will get back to normal, I tell you. Just keep your calm and be yourself.

1Life Hmm.

Neo And don’t stop loving her.

1Life You don’t have to tell me that.

Neo You feeling okay now?

1Life Yeah, I guess.

Neo Good. Party!

1Life N, I need some sleep.

Neo Oh, sure. Just make sure you take your armour off before you hit bed.

1Life Ha-ha. It’s your armour.

Neo Nope. I don’t have any. I have shorts. And that too not bullet-proof.

1Life You’re insane.

Neo I’m you.

1Life Well, then, I’m insane.

Neo Don’t worry, okay? Things will be okay. Keep your head up. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

1Life Hmm. Thanks.

Neo And hey, could you tell me where I can get a laundry for the armour, now that you refuse responsibility of the thing?

1Life Shut up.



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