Supposed To Be

Look out that window, turn on the television, take a walk on the streets. What do you see? Thousands of people going around their lives, doing what they are supposed to do, saying what they are supposed to say, being who they are supposed to be. A whole species writhing in the shackles of endless, endless social codes, mental limits, rotting convention. That is what you call civilization, isn’t it? That is what you feel proud about, eh? That you can’t grin like a fool in the middle of the street because it starts to snow, that you can’t buy food to give to that beggar on the pavement whose eyes were so sad, that you can’t do damn well what you want to do and be who you damn well want to be. You are an endless stream of masked men. The mask has stuck to the skin so hard for so many years that it has taken root. You no longer remember that you have a face behind it. What a pity.

Listen now. Today is the first day of history, the beginning of possibilities. The decisions you take today will be the very first to enter the archive of the universe, and the clockwork of time will swing to motion in rhythm to your actions, a slave to your choices. Lightning-bolts will light the sky of your life if you want so. You can be a storm, if you wish. Just throw that mask away, and abandon your ‘supposed-to’ life, and stop being a ‘supposed-to’ person. Because what is, was never, ever, just ‘supposed to’ be.



Things I know and few others do:


There is no such thing as space.

There is no such thing as time.

There is only here and now, and that’s a different way of saying the above.

Matter is as much spirit as Mind.

Matter is a thought in Mind.

In the end, it all comes down to infinity.

We are a dream of a bigger mind. This hierarchy may be finite, infinite, or there might not be a hierarchy beyond this at all.

Miracles are the only things that exist.

Destiny may be a self-made mental construct, but that would not devalue it.


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