Two of Us #2

It is unfortunate that a discussion on God will include or lead to religion.

1Life Hey

Neo Hi

1Life How’s things been?

Neo Wasn’t that my question?

1Life Well, go ahead then.

Neo How’s things been?

1Life This is stupid.

Neo You made it so.

1Life Hmph.

Neo There you go again. You know what, you’re one of those acme dynamites. Goes pop everywhere.

1Life I’m not going pop.

Neo Yeah, you could as well say you’re not alive.

1Life Yeah, I could. Because it would be equally true.

Neo You’re not alive?

1Life Nope.

Neo L, go fix your head.

1Life N, please. You’re the soldier, I know; you help me to fight. But that doesn’t mean that you deny your enemies, does it? You can’t just dismiss them, can you?

Neo Yeah, L, I can.

1Life There’s no use, N. It will exist even if you dismiss it.

Neo L, its existence depends on whether I believe it or dismiss it.

1Life Not finally. There’s a higher control over me. An authority.

Neo There isn’t. Even if there is, it’s just me. No one else.


Neo Sorry, L. I didn’t mean to bring you down.

1Life It’s okay.

Neo What’s wrong?


Neo L, what’s wrong?

1Life N?

Neo Yeah?

1Life Thanks, dude. Thanks a lot. Thanks — thanks a lot for sticking with me like this. Thanks for asking that question you’re asking right now. Thanks for all the wars we’ve won and all the wars we’ve lost. Thanks for fighting with me.

Neo L! What’s wrong? Tell me!

1Life You know, N, I’ve always, always wanted to have someone who would know when I was down and ask that question, you know, without being told — I mean, without me having to go and tell her.

Neo Ooh, so it’s a her thing here. Hehe, hehe.

1Life Nothing’s funny.

Neo No, I just thought, that maybe if it was not a her thing, then I could help. But I’m evidently not a her, am I?

1Life Nope.

Neo What about your girlfriend?

1Life She’s fine, okay. I love her.

Neo That wasn’t my question.

1Life Then what was it?

Neo You know, L. Can’t she tell when you’re down?

1Life Sometimes. Not always. But if she gets to know, she tries to help. That’s what’s important.

Neo Maybe it’s just difficult to know you’re down. Maybe you don’t show any signs.

1Life I don’t think so. I talk little, I keep staring at everything without actually looking at it, I — I look worried, dude. Even my parents can’t tell, and I keep wondering how can they not. Am I not looking down now? Am I not? I should be.

Neo You certainly look worried now, worrying about worrying. Hehe, you’re stupid. You make it harder than it has to be.

1Life Yeah, N, I suspect that’s it.

Neo You don’t need to suspect a criminal who’s already serving a term in prison, L.

1Life Hehe.

Neo Look, I made you smile!

1Life Yeah, yeah.

Neo Now cheer up, or they’ll be replacing that Thinker statue with you. Go call her up, and fix your her problem. I’ll tell you, L, that problem doesn’t even exist. It’s in. your. mind. Got that? Now split.

1Life Thanks, N.

Neo Whatever. Remember, when there’s a war, you got my number.

1Life A-ha.




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