Please Don’t Shout


Please don’t shout; I’m listening.

You won’t have to repeat; I understand.

You won’t have to hurt me; I’ll obey.

But when I see it’s not right, what you’ve been teaching me,

God save you.


So let me have my slice of the window to the evening

My share of laughter and her warm breath

In a cold night.

Let me have a life, besides the lessons,

And I’ll listen, understand, obey.

But when I see that you want to control my life,

Turn me into a machine,

God save you.


What you don’t see beyond your pages of education

Is that I’m alive, awake, breathing;

As dangerous as a mountain-wolf.

Don’t think that your shots worked: I’m not unconscious.

I’m just acting like a pet dog because you give me something to learn.

But when I see you draw a collar from your pocket,

God save you.


I’m a complete, working living system.

I have emotions, determination and secret tears.

What you have forgotten is that I also have dreams.

That makes me dangerous.

But know and understand me, and you shall be part of my prayers of thanks.

As I shall be part of your life.

Forget that I can laugh and love and cry and dream,

And I can be part of your death.


God save you then.



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