I keep forgetting…

We live on the third planet from the Sun, one of the smaller stars in the Milky Way galaxy, spiralling away among million other galaxies of the universe. For every one part land on Earth, which is our planet, there exists three parts of water. It is the existence of this chemical compound, together with a few other key factors in the climate of the planet, that made life possible on Earth. The great variety of life on Earth has been categorized into families, genuses, species et cetera. There are reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects, fish, and mammals. One mammal that evolved from the primates is the Homo sapien. They are till date the most intelligent among the species thriving on Earth. They live in communities, and maintain social hierarchies. They keep other animals as pets, for labour, or for milk, meat, clothes and transport. They have social codes which are enforced upon every member of the species, and any offender is brought to book. They live in parts of the land which are marked out from other parts for administrative purposes, and they often fight with each other because of these boundaries. They believe in God — at least most of them — but different gods, not one. That is yet another cause of conflict among these animals. The male is generally better built than the female, and clashes take place among the males for females. They speak a language through sounds and gestures, and in this way they transmit information from one generation to another. They know the use of tools well, and can hunt if necessary. They are generally afraid of miracles or anything out of the ordinary, and confine these in books, movies and magic shows. They sometimes form small groups of their own which allow a greater degree of intimacy than the largest open group — the society. They possess desire for material, physical and spiritual wealth, and can kill other members of their own species to obtain them. Not all members of this species have the same access to life’s necessities. Some live a richer life than others and are generally hated for this reason. The ones who live poor often rise in rebellion. They are mostly suppressed, and the rebellions forgotten, but the successful revolutions live on in the pages of history.


That’s an awful lot to remember. That’s why I keep forgetting it sometimes. I keep forgetting reality. But it isn’t able to bother me too much, for our belief in reality is the only thing that makes it reality. So when I forget all of this and make up things of my own, it doesn’t hurt me too much. Reality is always open for change, and I have seen it change, all because I forget all of this. And why not, it is an awful lot to remember, isn’t it?


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