About Organic Waste

Sometimes, you know, life is shit.

And sometimes it isn’t.

We live for the times that are shitless, and we try to ignore the fact that we live for shitless times through shit times, and we like to think life is generally happy, and shitless time is waiting just around the bend, waiting for me to just get through this shit time now.

But in the end, we know life isn’t so. It’s a shit-based dish with sprinkles of shitless delicacy strewn around the top. And we try to forget that and go on with life as if it were shitless, and the shit was our fault, which meant we could correct it if we wanted, now and here, if we started off with determination. Well dude, I’m not blaming you for blaming yourself, but the shit in your life isn’t your fault. It’s the fault of the reason that this universe was woven with. The reason says life should be exactly as it is: a generally stinky recipe with overtones of clean stuff. That’s why there are wars, there are elections, there is Abu Ghraib and George Bush and missing a world record in athletics for .5 millisecond, and reservation in higher education. That is why there was original sin and the fall of Adam and Eve, and that is why God had the idea that he should create shit in the first place; all of these have the same reason for their existence: shit happens. And yeah, God’s idea that shit should happen in our universe is also because shit happened when he sat down to plan this world. And that’s because it was woven into the reason of His world: that shit should happen with important things. Which means God is subordinate to some higher logic and reason, created by some Mega-God. And maybe shit happens to Him too, because he is bound in the fabric of reason woven by a yet Giga-God. And then a Peda-God, Tera-God and so on and so forth.

What I wrote just now was, you guessed it, shit. And that’s because some shit just happened in my life. Never bother.


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