Thoughts ‘neath a rainy sky

Well it’s raining. Nothing special. It rains in India at this time of the year. But well, you know, it’s special for me. I like the rain. Some people get sad when it rains. I don’t. I feel so good. Have you ever seen the lower edge of heavy, low-hanging clouds? It looks like something from Independence Day: an alien spaceship. And have you seen the rare yellow glow that fills everything you see? It doesn’t happen often, but it’s happening now, and instead of going out and enjoying every bit of the rain, here I am wasting time in front of the screen.

In other news, a woman was being interviewed on TV the other day about her Mustang (for those of you who don’t know what a Mustang is, it’s a car). She said she used to own a white one before the red one at present, but she lost that in the divorce. Lost a Mustang, in a divorce. What an unfortunate incident to happen because of a divorce — losing a Mustang.

How relationships are cheapening by the day.


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